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    I recently started doing rebounding and I have been loving is so far. It is actually good for people who smoke pot as well as it helps to clear the lungs out and rebuild tissue as well as boosts the oxygen levels in the body. I read that it can help you achieve a deeper high if that is your thing. Anyone ever try it?

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    I never have but I did a google on it and WOW! I seen something that said it helps with all this:
    Chronic illness
    Autoimmune disorder
    Thyroid imbalances (hypothyroidism)
    Weak immune system (prone to infections and illness)
    Sinus congestion/infections
    Consistent fatigue
    Swollen lymph nodes
    Poor circulation
    Swollen face and/or limbs
    “puffy eyes” in the morning.
    Fluid retention (enema)
    Swollen tonsils
    Pressure in head, “full feeling”

    I guess in terms of getting a deeper high, it likely has to do with the oxygen boost and being able to inhale deeper. NICE!

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    Yeah it has a lot of cool benefits. NASA actually uses this kind of exercise for their astronauts when they come back from space to help strengthen the body after being in a no-gravity zone. Pretty cool, right?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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